Saturday, March 19, 2011

Whoa Nelly!

Crap.  Why do I always forget to take a photo of me running so I can post it here?  I just don't think about it until it is too late.

I had a 12 mile run planned for today with the running group.  I wasn't quite sure how this was going to turn out for a few reasons.  I only ran a total of 8 miles this week and only did strength training once.  This is not very typical of me.  I opted not to do an additional four mile run this week because of THIS. I also bagged a strength training session because my work out buddy bailed at the last minute because she is still struggling with the flu.  Sure, I could have done it on my own and I had every intention of doing it but THIS got the best of me.

My nutrition, Wednesday through Friday in particular, was pretty much nonexistent because of THIS and I could feel it.  I didn't necessarily feel the normal growling stomach feeling when you are hungry, but my brain felt like it was definitely deprived of glucose.  Not good.

All of this was setting up to be a not-so-spectacular 12 miler.  I had my normal pre-long run fuel which consisted of steel cut oats, string cheese and a small glass of milk.  I had my normal pre-long run ritual of gagging down my pre-long run fuel.    (Seriously, I literally dry heave more times than not while eating oatmeal for some reason.  It never used to be that way.)  All was good there.

What is your pre-long run fuel?  

I met up with my fellow runners and as we headed out I really didn't have high expectations for this run.   I was just gonna run at a pace that my legs wanted to.  The result?

A 9:36 minute/mile average pace.  

I have never sustained a pace like that on a long run.  If this was supposed to be a long, slow run I wonder what I could actually do if I made myself run faster?!

This route was quite hilly to boot.  I am starting to kinda like hills because I feel like a warrior after a conquer one.  Bring it!

Overall, this run exceeded my expectations and I feel awesome. 

I realize too that it is very important to not let THIS overtake your life.  I need to get better about that.

As a side note, I really smelled today.  Not like I normally smell after a long run.  Not even after lifting weights for an hour in a hot, sweaty gym.  The smell was somewhat reminiscent of a barnyard.  Yup, a barnyard.  Wonder what that was about?

Do you notice sometimes your stink is a little off?

Total miles for this week = 31!  WAHOO!!  


  1. So that picture at the end (staring into the camera) ... that isn't you? @-O

    (Psst ... that was humor)

    Pre-run fuel ... surely different for everyone, bit for me about two handfuls of macaroni, boiled and served with a little butter, or plane tomato sauce. I can also do a large bowl of slow-cooking oatmeal with some maple syrup.

    I do this one hour before a really long run, and two hours before a 5k. I feel it takes me about an hour to get the food to kick in and be used for the run.

  2. Great run...even if you smelled something awful when you were done.

    Depending on the distance, I eat 1 slice toast w/ pb (2 of 20M), yogurt, banana, drink 20oz of Gatorade, and some coffee (I add a granola bar of 20M).

  3. LOL…my sweaty self smells 'off'… kind of like cat pee…I know, really big YUCK.
    AWESOME job on your run! I hear on the warrior feeling when conquering hills :) I love it!
    My longest run lately has only been 8 (tho 9 is planned for tomorrow) so I haven't really felt a need to think about how to fuel for a longie yet.

  4. Extra exertion on the long run...extra stank?

    Pre-run fuel is usually oatmeal with blueberries...or a bannana...depending on my level of laziness

  5. AWESOME run girl!!!! :) Congrats!!! I always have oatmeal and banana before a long works for me :)

  6. I hate the texture of oatmeal and just can't really make myself eat it although I know it's a great running fuel. Great job on the run - after a triathlon once Jim said man you stink honey can you please roll down the window - nothing like the mixture of lake water and sweat!

  7. Hills are for Heroes! - a runner I admire constantly says that. I believe it. It really does make it seem like a feat.

    Before my long runs, I always have a Clif Bar. If I'm going to do 20, I'll have a Clif Bar and something else, like a bagel or some bread. My pre-marathon fare consists of a Clif Bar, a bagel and some Gatorade as well as water. I know, BO-RING, but it works for me and I'm a creature of habit so I don't anticipate that changing.

    Stink? I always wear deodorant... well, I'm *religious* about it no matter what I'm doing. I. Hate. Stinky. Pits. particularly others' stinky pits and I don't want to draw looks because I smell. Of course, that doesn't prevent the stink, and sometimes it's fun to go to the grocery store right after a workout because of my effervescent smell. I really don't know what makes the stink change or get worse. Maybe it has something to do with what we we eat? Ah well, if you ain't stinky, you ain't tryin' :)

  8. My pre fuel is a protein shake with a ton of fruits and spinach added to it

  9. Girl you killed it out there! Way to go!!!

    As for nutrition before long runs I always stick with a slice of PB toast drizzled with honey and a banana.