Friday, May 20, 2011

25K Recap

As I arrived downtown I panicked because I couldn't get to the parking structure that I intended on parking at.  The police had part of the road blocked off and forced me to turn down a road that I thought was leading me to the expressway.  After a bit of a nervous breakdown, I realized I was not headed to the expressway and only needed to make a left turn to get me to a different area to park....not the one I wanted though because this one wasn't free. :O(

It was about 7:15am and it was 60 degrees and POURING, but at the start of the 25K the rain had let up and it was actually kind of humid out.  I lined up at the back of the 9:00 minute/mile pace group.  Soon enough we were off.  I felt good as I my breathing settled in to a nice pattern.

Mile 1: 9:26
Mile 2: 9:20
Mile 3  9:23
Mile 4: 9:26
Mile 5: 9:34

I forced a GU and water down at mile 4 and only slowed as to NOT inhale the water.

Mile 6:  9:32
Mile 7:  9:44

This is were I started having a hard time.  I couldn't get my heart rate under control and I thought if I just walked for a second it would be OK.  So I did and that was my downfall because I mentally gave up on myself.  I forced another GU at mile 8 and walked through this water stop.

Mile 8:  9:55
Mile 9:  9:45

This hills started here and last for the next 4 miles, and I could feel a blister forming on the bottom of my left foot.

Mile 10:  10:22
Mile 11:   9:58
Mile 12:  10:12

Another GU and an orange slice to try to physically push me through but mentally I was done.

Mile 13:  10:17
Mile 14:  10:36

I really was struggling at this point and I was upset with myself for crumbling.

Mile 15:  10:32

The finish line area was packed with spectators and I pushed myself hard to the end.  The finish line was uphill and it was a struggle.  I set my sights on a guy who was giving it his all, and I chicked him.  You betcha!

Mile 16:  9:28

Garmin time read 15.62 miles at 2:34:04.

Official time read 15.5 miles at 2:34:08.

Not what I wanted.

But still OK.

I need to work on race day anxiety.  I need to carry over my confidence that I acquire during training runs into race day.

I give up on myself to easily.

Sorry for the lack of photos -- I forgot to take pictures.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I HATE race day

Because of stuff like this:

I saw them doing chest compressions and intubating him.

In case you are wondering, I did not make my goal time of 2:25.  I came in at 2:34 and change.  It was a hard day and I have the blisters to prove it.  I did PR by 10 minutes though but that all seems insignificant now.

Friday, May 13, 2011

All Set

Tomorrow morning at 8:20am I will be running the Fifth Third Bank 25K River Run.  I am pretty darn excited.

I remember this time last year I didn't know what to expect.  Since then I have completed a fantastic 10K Mud Run, a half marathon and a full marathon.  I have logged many miles with these ol' feet of mine, and I feel more physically and mentally prepared than I did last year.

I went to the expo and picked up my bib this morning.  I got there just as the doors were opening so there was a line outside.  I was maybe #176 (just a guess).  The funny thing is that people stayed in line formation until they were through the vestibule and inside the exhibit hall.  Some people were slowly meandering in front of the information booth and the line was still intact.  I think I was the first to break out of the line as I scooted out and into the exhibit hall to get my race bib. It was kind weird, but neat in the same way because everyone was so polite and didn't want to cut in front of anyone else (except me, Ha!).

I came home and gathered some of my stuff.

  • Shoes -- check
  • Bib -- check
  • Gu -- check
  • Spi belt -- check
  • Hat -- check
  • Garmin -- check after it is fully charged (this will be my first race with my Garmin)
What am I missing.........oh, yeah, clothes.  I am going to utilize my preferred attire and go ninja style -- black shirt and black shorts.  I was just too lazy to go get them for this photo.

The weather forecast looks like this
8 day forecast

Yup, an 80% chance of rain. Hence the visor.  

The temperature is perfect, but please, please don't rain.

(Incidentally, the outside temperature reading in my car read -13 degrees today.  Um, I think that is off just a bit.)

I HATE running in wet shoes.  

I decided I am going to line up at the back of the 9 minute/mile pace group just ahead of the 9:30's.  Hopefully they will carry me through to my finish time of 2:25 (or less!).

I really took this tapering stuff to heart this past week.  I only ran 5 miles.  Oops.  I did do strength training two days though so that counts for something.  

One of the runs was yesterday and it was gross outside, as in 78* and humid.  Now I know that is normal weather for some of you, but when you go from basically 40 and 50 degree days to 70's and 80's practically overnight it is HARD to adjust.  I felt like I was trudging through the swamp.

Off to stimulate the economy and hydrate via lemonade from the neighbor kid's lemonade stand.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend.

May you Tri and Run hard.  

Saturday, May 7, 2011

One More Week

Last long run of 10 miles...done.

What a great day for a run.  It was 48* this morning with bright sunshine.  The route for us was an out and back on my favorite rail trail.  I started out strong, running in the low 9's.  I faded a bit between miles 6 and 8 and even had to...gasp...walk for a few seconds to gather myself.  Overall though my average pace was 9:24.  I will take it.  

Let the farmer's tan begin.  I wore shorts today and have the tan lines to prove it.  I also am rocking a sweet tanstache (thanks Michael for that term).  I am going to devote an entire post to my tanstache someday.

"Dude, you have chocolate milk on your upper lip."

"No, that's just my tanstache." :O(

This week I need to focus on nutrition and hydration.  I need to be cognizant of what I am putting into my body, i.e. NO candy (I <3 candy) NO soda, NO junk calories.  I eat fairly healthy, but I could do better at eating more fruits and veggies.  And I need to pump in the water like nobody's business.  I have been lacking in that department, too.  I get tired of the whole process of drinking sometimes.  I would sometimes rather be hydrated via an IV I think.  Wouldn't it be easy to hook up an IV at night and have a liter of normal saline drip into you throughout the evening?  You would wake up feeling nice and hydrated.  Just a thought.

We have had a lot of rain in the past few weeks and part of the course  This happened a few years ago as well and they have an alternate route mapped out just in case.  This alternate route, however, is hilly from what I hear.  Bad thing is that it is supposed to rain here this week.  So be it I guess.

One thing that is going to make be a little sad on race day is that I won't have any family support there.  My husband could not get the day off from work :o(  I am so sad because he has been my number one supporter and has always been there as my sherpa.  As far as other family goes, they live 3 hours away and could care less about supporting me at these events -- which is OK because I have come to terms with that one.  Boo on the absent husband though.

I am going to try to take pictures on race day.  No promises though because I seem to forget about pictures a lot.

Have a good weekend.  Run and Tri safe.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's.

  • At what temperature do you pull out the ol' running shorts again?  Or for you warmer climate dwellers, at what temperature do you layer up?
  • Are you good about eating fruits and veggies?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Last Long Run

Can't believe I am already tapering for the 25K.  It seems like just yesterday that I signed up for the race -- oh, it was ;O)  Do you ever wait to the last minute to register for a race that doesn't have a capacity limit?  Guilty here.

I need some advice about where I should position myself during this race.  I have been running my long runs around a 9:20 - 9:45 average and my shorter runs around 9 - 9:15.  I plan on running with a pace group, I am just not sure what one I should go for.

Push myself and head out with the 9 group?  What if I go out too fast and struggle at the end?

Hold off a bit and go with the 9:30 group?  Speed up if I feel I can?

The old me wants to join the 10 group because that is where I am most comfortable.  I consider myself a 10 minute per mile runner even though I have become just a bit faster than that....

My goal is to run the 25K in 2:25 or less.  I think I am reaching a little high.  But if anything, I hope to beat last years time of 2:43:35.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend.  Stay safe.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Ramblings

Fifth Third River Bank Run
The largest 25K road race in the US

I can't believe the 25K is 2 weeks away!

Where did the time go?  I remember when training officially began way back in January in the cold and snow.  Now we are into May and the race is almost here.  Last year at this time if you would have asked me if I was ready my reply would have been no.  This year I feel I am a stronger and more confident runner.  I am excited for this race as it will be my first since the Chicago Marathon.  Let's hope the weather cooperates for us.  May in Michigan can be kinda iffy.

I ran a 12 miler on Friday with my occasional running buddy (L) and another runner from our Saturday morning running group (B).  We met at B's house since she had a pretty 12 mile route planned for us out along the country roads.  The sun was shining and the temperature was 35 degrees.  Perfect!  We started off strong with the first few miles in the 9:30's.  That was a little fast for B as she tends to run 10's.  I knew we probably would not be able to run like L and I usually do because the pace was too fast for B, and that was fine with me.  My intention was just to have a nice run to get in 12 miles.

Around mile 6, B started having issues with her feet which caused her to stop several times in the next few miles.  I stopped with her, but L continued on with no hint of wanting to wait for B.  I figured I wouldn't want to be left behind if I was having a hard time so why should I leave her?  We all started together so why not encourage one another to the end?  By the time L looked back to see where we were, we were at least a mile behind.  She just continued on the route and was waiting for us at the end.  I was kind of disappointed in L's actions.  What do you think?  Our pace was 10:30 even with stopping and walking so it still wasn't all that bad.  Anyway, it was nice to get my long run done on Friday morning, especially since I had to work Saturday.

In other news, this was our driveway on Sunday at 9:30am
5 yards of mulch.....

and this was our driveway at 11:30am

and this is where it went

It is so nice to finally see flowers in my yard!!!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  Can't wait to read race recaps from this weekend.

Oh, one last thing....I ran a total of 109 miles in April!!  Woot....Woot.

  • What is your next race?
  • Is there proper etiquette when running with a partner, i.e. leave no man behind?
  • What is the most you ran in a month?