Saturday, February 11, 2012

Racing for Sherry

Grand Rapids Winter Adventure Race 2012

Today's 6.15 mile Adventure Race was dedicated to Sherry Arnold..  Three hours of bushwhacking, orienteering, running, snow bike riding and completing Amazing Race type challenges like human sled dog racing in the sand/snow through some of West Michigan's finest forests. I really enjoy these races.  They test both your mental and physical abilities.

Temperature -2*F.  Since we were moving around for 3 hours we never felt cold, however.

I think of Sherry often. What happened to Sherry should never happen to anyone.  Unfortunately, there are cruel people in this world.  Sherry has undoubtedly saved lives because of what happened to her.  Many of us have changed the way we run, whether we now run with a partner or cell phone or even avoid a route we kinda felt like we shouldn't be running anyway.

Today I ran for Sherry.