Sunday, March 6, 2011

I ran a 5K in the rain and pelting snow because...

I just felt like running.

Jeff over at Detroit Runner decided back in January to host a virtual 5K.  He put a lot of time and effort into organizing this and he was hopeful that a few runners would even show up in person in his hood in Dee-troit to run.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate (big surprise) and I think a lot of runners even took to the treadmill.  Yes, it was that miserable.

It was a step back week last week on my training schedule so I only had 7 miles (at race pace) planned for my long run.  My running buddy asked if I wanted to run our long run on Thursday due to the possibility of rain on Saturday and I agreed.  Thus, we ran 7 miles Thursday morning.  It ended up not being race pace because of the slick conditions on the trail we ran.  (Note to self: ice chunks do not crush under foot and may cause you to roll your ankle.  Why did it take you three times to learn this?)  Nonetheless, we got in our 7 miles.  (She subsequently has gotten the flu -- the one that seems to have knocked a lot of you out for a few days.)

I woke up Saturday morning and expected it to be raining since it rained all day Friday, but it wasn't.  I just felt like running so I quickly got dressed and no sooner did I back out of my driveway when it started to snow.  Oh well.  I met the running group with plans of running 3.1 miles.  Even though I had heavy legs from doing a spinning class the day before and icy snow was pelting me in the eyes, I finished with 5.2 miles.  It was hard fought though and I was pretty much cursing the whole time.

Why is it that sometimes the shorter runs knock you down more than the longer runs?

Anyway, I meant to 1) take pictures of me running and 2) look at my time at 3.1 miles but I failed on both of those things.  I never remember to take pictures.  I need to get better at this as it makes blogging more personal.

If I calculate my time from my Garmin splits then my 5K time was 30:28.

Thanks Jeff for organizing such a great virtual 5K.  Sorry Mother Nature wasn't cooperative.


  1. Yes, it was a bummer that the weather was so bad. Oh well. At least it was not a live race. Great report!

  2. I somehow missed this, but may need to do one myself. I've been sick, but had told myself I'd do a 5k in town this coming weekend. I think I'll do it or a virtual 5k, in honor of your post today.

    By the way, I would love to have your 5k time. I am a bit slower, but hope to break 30 minutes this year.

  3. Way to get out there in the snow and get it done!!!! :)

  4. or or slow...I'd take any run right now!!!

  5. The short runs are harder because they finish about the time you have warmed up :)

  6. Great job on the virtual 5K - in spite of th weather.

  7. You're a tougher runner than me because you have to deal with all this crap and you still get out there and run. And you would totally think ice chunks would give way under your foot. Thanks for the tip... not that I'll really need it or anything... but you never know :)

  8. Winter...... sigh...... your tougher then me, I wont train in the snow

  9. Great job getting out there and getting it done girl! It was a miserable weekend of weather wasn't it? Ugh!