Sunday, June 26, 2011

How to accidentally run a Half Marathon

Yup.  You read the title correctly.  I didn't intend on running 13.1 miles today, it just happened. 

About two weeks ago the organizers of the Grand Rapids Marathon decided to put together a benefit run for Joplin, Missouri.  Joplin was supposed to have a half marathon on June 11, but mother nature apparently had other plans for Joplin.  Thus, an idea was born to hold a Benefit for Boomtown run.  Anyone wishing to donate funds would be registered to run 13.1 miles in support of Joplin United Way.  The best part is that the first 153 people registered also got to wear Boomtown bibs and received the Boomtown finisher's medal.  You can read more about the event HERE.

So I convinced my husband (a non-runner) that it would be something fun to do together -- and of course we will NOT be running the whole 13.1 miles.  Maybe 3 or 5.  If we made it to 6 I would have been happy.  I was not going to push him (a non-runner) into going further than he wanted.  Well........I lied.  I didn't intend to, it is just that it was such a beautiful morning and I knew he could do at least 8.  When we got to 8, I knew he could do 10....then 10 came and I was like, what is 3.1 more miles?  Apparently, a hell of a lot to a non-runner.   Oops.

Let me say that we did a run/walk sort of thing after about mile 4.  He knew I wanted to run ahead of him so badly but we were in this together and so I stayed by his side.  In the last 0.2 miles I tried to encourage him to finish strong and not to get chicked as there was this girl coming in strong behind us.  You will be happy to know that he did NOT get chicked.  Our time was a respectable 2:36 and the distance was actually 13.4 due to some construction!  Just think if he actually trained!!  I can not say how proud I am of him and I think he actually had a little bit of fun.  By the way, there were a total of about 200 runners and we raised $6755!!

Here are some pictures from the Benefit for Boomtown:

I am never doing this again

the medal is huge!

I took the opportunity to use this run also as Adam's Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K, although I should change that to Sweat Your Sunscreen Off 5K.  Seriously, sunscreen just melts off my face.  Our 5K time was 31:15.

check out my bib

still smiling after 3.1

Thanks for hosting the SYTO 5K Adam. 


  1. Wow! Give him a pat on the back! I'm training for a half and if I get that time I'll be ecstatic.

  2. Wow how can you guys "accidentally" run a half marathon and your husband with no training and still smoke my half marathon time. Congrats!! Very, very cool that they were raising money for Joplin. It's going to be a very long time before that town it anywhere close to normal again.

  3. I love this! Well done to him! That's a great amount raised by the runners as well.

  4. Frigging awesomesauce! Well done to the hubs for his first Half debut and what a cool race!!!

  5. This is AWESOME! Congrats to you and your husband!!!
    What a great cause too. I hope every dollar helps.

  6. I am kinda in awe that hubby went out and ran a half mary with no training. Congrats to the both of you

  7. Hahah....I love how you accidentally ran 13.1 miles. Nice job, guys - that's great! I hope he could walk ok the next day ;).

  8. Nice work!! I love that you accidentally ran 13.1. THAT and you got a non runner to do it with you!

  9. 2:36 is a great time for the two of you! Running half marathons with non-runners rules! Well done :)

  10. Great job! I love it - hopefully you've turned your husband into a runner! Congrats to you both!