Friday, July 8, 2011

Say Hello

to Tucker

:O)  He makes me smile.

We have this going on tomorrow.  

Forecast is for sun and 89 degrees.  Should be a blast.  I promise pictures.  

Will someone please kick me in the pants.  I am undecided on doing the Grand Rapids Marathon in October.  With that being said I am 4 weeks behind according to the training schedule.  Should I run the full and try to redeem myself from last years Chicago Marathon?  Am I too far behind on the training?  (Remember I am not starting from scratch.  I just "ran" a half 2 weeks ago.) Or should I try for a sub 2 hour half?  Hmmmm....  Gimme your thoughts.

Have a good weekend. 

Run and Tri safe.


  1. You have a base you can easily jump in to training now and I have no doubt whatsoever you can redeem yourself from last year! DO IT!!! And if all else fails, drop down to the half if necessary!

    Good luck tomorrow! Have a blast!

    Also, Tucker is ADORABLE!!!!!!

  2. i saw go for the full! And umm can I please steal Tucker? He is sooooo stinkin cute! good luck tomorrow!

  3. Omg, that face is just ADORABLE!! He makes me smile, and I've only seen a pic :).

    Good luck tomorrow, those adventure races are always a blast!

    The first many weeks of a marathon training program are base building (if you find one that isn't, then it's not a proper plan) ... so if you have a base built already, you are good!! I so go for the may regret it down the road if you don't.

  4. Oh my gosh....adorable!! And I LOVE the name :)

    I say you have enough base to do the marathon. Go for it!

  5. Ha, I knew there is now way I would beat my wife to these comments when you post a little guy like that! Cool name too! Good luck tomorrow, you'll be great! Do a marathon ... now!!! I mean it, no problem for you!

  6. Do the full!

    And Tucker is too adorable:)

  7. Tucker is sooo cute

    I cant wait to reaed the race report, it looks fun!!!

  8. You def should be able to make the full, is it in late October? Especially if you've just ran a half! I have a full that I'm training for in late October and although I'm not going to be 100% I'm gonna shoot for it.

    Do the full! Do the full!