Friday, June 24, 2011

I need your help

in naming this little guy

Thompson Male

I have mentioned several times how much we have wanted a dog.  Since I over analyze EVERYTHING it took us me a while to finally say yes.  We pick him up on Wednesday.  

So I need your help naming him.  Here are a few names in the running:

Cooper (copying Blonde Ponytail and her beautiful Cooper)

Feel free to throw in some suggestions.

In other news:

I am a huge Detroit Tigers baseball fan.  For our 7th anniversary my husband took me to a game.  It was such a nice day even though they lost.

And we ate here:

You betcha that is Five Guys, and it was not just was FABULOUS!

We headed west to Colorado for a wedding this past week.  Guess what we just happened upon?  Yup, the Detroit Tigers were in town playing the Colorado Rockies.  We pestered the ticket office for a good 20 minutes, but the only tickets that were available were single tickets.  As we were walking away, a young couple asked us if we were looking for tickets.  Just so happened they had extra as their friends backed out.  Let me just tell you these seats were awesome--behind the Tigers dugout, 9th row.  That is nose hair seeing close.  It was so much fun, perhaps even better than Comerica park the week earlier.  Coors Field is beautiful and big!  And the Tigers won!  High five. 

I have the chance to attend this Saturday's game too, but I have to pass. That would be 3 games in 3 weeks.  Darn it.

As I mentioned we went to a wedding which was held at a golf course.  I don't play golf but this course made me want to hit the links.

On our last day we hiked in Rocky Mountain National Park and had a picnic lunch.

In running news

I have to confess I have not done a whole lot of running lately.  I think I am just tired.  After the 25K I vowed to keep a long run base of at least 10 miles.  Well.....I haven't really done that.  Sometimes I just lose my running mojo. 

Anyway, I will be running Adam's Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K tomorrow.  It will be part of a longer run.  Not sure how long I will go as a group of us are meeting to do a trail run.  Trail runs = hills = slow pace.  It will be fun though.

Sunday I will be running a half marathon.  Well, the supported distance is a half marathon, but I can tell you I will not be running the 13.1.  The organizers of the Grand Rapids Marathon put together a rather impromptu half marathon in order to raise funds to help Joplin, Missouri, which was hit with that awful tornado in May.  

Here is the link in case you want to read about the run: Benefit for Boomtown  My husband is joining me and it will be a fun Sunday morning knowing that we are helping others in need.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I'm sooooo confused. I saw Comerica and thought you wanted advice on CHEERING FOR A NEW TEAM!!! Let me suggest my beloved Royals. I vote Bill or El Salvador for the dog name.

  2. I like Wally :). There's a few Coopers in the blog world, I didn't know it was so popular.

    Glad you got in a Rockies were very close to where I live. And nothing beats RMNP, such a cool place!!

  3. I'm disappointed "Jack" didn't make the list :) Sometimes I like to call Jack lots of different names, among them Benny and Doug....I don't know why. I like them both as dog names though. I also like Chester.

  4. I like Chester. He looks like a Chester.

  5. How about Shanny? or Stevie? Homer? Drapes?

    Sorry your post has me all D-Towned up

    Super jealous of getting to see da boys play.