Friday, February 25, 2011

Long Run Friday

I'm ahead of all you guys.  I did my long run this morning.  Yup, Friday morning.  I have some a lot of flexibility in my work schedule since this job change fiasco so I took advantage of it and got a 10 miler done.  YAHOO! And you know what?  It was FABULOUS.

I met up with two other gals from the running group, one of which ran the Disney World Marathon in January.  She had a perfect 10 mile route planned for us.  It snowed only about an inch last night so the roads were clear.  The sun was out and it was a comfortable 28 degrees.  We started out and met up with runner #3 at the 2 mile mark since she only had 8 miles planned.  We ran for about 4 miles on an old paved railroad pathway then took to the roads.  We encountered many hills, but we each fed off of each other and conquered those babies.  The miles just flew by.  I like those kind of runs where you are distracted by conversation to the point you don't even know what mile you are at.  10 miles run and done!

I did have a problem with my Garmin though.  I have a Garmin 405CX and right off the bat it was stuck on the heart rate screen, and I could not get it to change to the screen where I could monitor the pace, elapsed time and miles.  I just started the timer anyway and we took off.  Since the other two ladies had Garmins as well, I knew I could get our final time and average pace from them and sync my own Garmin when I got home.  You know how the Garmin will just sync to your computer automatically?  Well, it beeped like it was doing it but then when I went to the Garmin website to see our splits and elevation, etc, nothing new was there.  I tried to" force send" it and the watch screen said transferring data, but still nothing was there.  Boo!  Anyone have any idea what could be wrong?  I really want to see our splits and elevation.

May your long run be as fantastic as mine if you have one planned!

Total miles for this week = 20.      


  1. Well, mother nature likes Michigan more then Ohio, we got hit first with an ice storm followed by a snow storm

    Sometimes, especially when it is cold, the Garmin gets all wacky, I bet it had to do with the weather. I heard, though have not tried this myself, is start it up inside, where it is warm and it works better once you go out in the cold

  2. Rock on girl, way to go out there and take advantage of the beautiful weather! I've got 16 tomorrow and I'll be wishing I had gotten it done today!

  3. Great job!! Awesome to get your long run in early - now you have your Saturday or Sunday free. Garmins are a great tool but can be flaky - I can never seem to totally figure out what's wrong with mine. Good luck with that!

  4. Okay, wait, I have a problem. "Comfortable" and "28 degrees" should never go in the same sentence.

    I punished my Garmin today because it died on me just as I was about to finish up my run on Thursday so I banished it to the office for my run on Friday.

    And yes, it does sound like you had a fantastic run, save for the biting cold and snow and all that.

  5. Great run! I bet it goes by fast when you have company. =D

    Sorry about your garmin probs. I don't have one, but it sounds like you have a few people who could give good advice.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I have the old 305, which I got for Christmas, but it is so much more trouble than it's worth! Besides sudden death (I thought I'd messed up charging it but actually it just goes blank sometimes even charged) it takes forever to locate a satellite under our Louisiana live oaks. I rarely use it. I went so long with no time or a cheap watch that I forget to check the Garmin when I wear it!
    Yay for pharmacist's schedules. I usually do my long runs on Thursday or Friday, which alternate as early or late days. I did a couple of 20 milers before heading in to work!