Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm No Fool

Dear Mother Nature,

I am writing this note in response to the weather you've delivered us this past week in Michigan.  I have seen your tricks one to many times, and I am no fool.  While I appreciate this hiatus from the bone chilling cold you have unleashed on us this winter, I know all to well what will come in the next few weeks.

I feel you snicker at us runners who are giddy at the thought of running outdoors in 45 degree temps sans coat, gloves, hats or even long sleeves.  You shine the sun on our faces in attempt to trick our minds into thinking it is May while it is in fact the middle of February.  You lead us into false promises of an "early spring."  Your warmer temps cause us to shut off the furnace for the day and throw open the windows to air out the stale air that has been lurking in the house since October.

Please, Mother Nature, after experiencing these feels-like-spring days, can we just be done with winter? In past years you give us these glorious days only to wreak havoc once again with blizzards and power outage worthy freezing rain.  I would really appreciate it if you could allow me to store my cold weather running gear away for the season, and allow me an early bird special view of the spring bulbs I planted last fall.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



  1. Spike has been warning me and warning me that this is all just a tease! I pray it's not. Mother Nature have mercy on us all PLEASE!!!!!

  2. You hit this on the head, I am right below you in Ohio and I know that warm temps in winter are followed by a nasty storm, the weatherman hasnt said anything about a storm, but we all know its coming

  3. BLAH! This is me in Utah too! BEAUTIFUL weather over the weekend, and the storm moved in last night. I need spring!!

  4. I love it! We are experiencing the same thing here in KC. It is actually 70 degrees here today!! Awesome! But I know winter is not over yet!

  5. Hi! Um... just wanted to say thanks for blogging today... well, I was going to comment but, uh, I'm just gonna say, ahem, thanks instead :)

  6. I totally hear you! We got a good two days of warm sun and then BAM! snow all over again. I can't wait for spring weather so I can run outside more often.

    PS -new follower- love your blog!

  7. I completely understand. Here in Arizona, it was cloudy all day. Definitely not running weather. I think the temp got down to 77 degrees today, which is manageable with layered clothing...but the clouds!?!

    I hope we can all brave through this brutal season.