Monday, January 24, 2011

The treadmill made me do it

I just couldn't bear to throw on layer after layer to brave the 11 degree temperature this morning so I opted to run on the treadmill this morning.  Sounds good, huh? Well, yes and no.  I did get my planned 3 mile run in which is awesome, but I cheated.  I have this horrible habit of holding on to the front of the treadmill about half way in.  I hate doing it and I tell myself every time I get on I am not going to do it.   My mind plays tricks on me, however, and before you know it, my arms stop swinging and grasp the front of the 'mill.  I know it affects my stride in a negative manner because my knees tend to hurt after a treadmill run.  That's one more reason why I hate treadmill runs.

Treadmill.  Friend or foe?


  1. Oh, the bar is so tempting to grab.

    The 'mill toughens you up, mentally anyway. If you can run 4-6 miles regularly on the 'mill, you will only get stronger because of it. I give full credit to the 'mill for helping me develop as a runner, so much so that sometimes when I need a comforting run, like a recovery run or something, running on the 'mill is a welcoming thought.

  2. I agree with LB, the treadmill gives you a different style of running that "retrains" your legs' muscle memory a little. I'm not a fan of them either ... but seems like a necessary evil this time of year! I don't think you cheated ... you got through it! Standing there as the belt turns is cheating ... I've done it! Good run!

  3. I think I remember Jillian on TBL telling one of the people on the treadmill that holding onto the bar or railings makes you burn LESS calories. Maybe that'll help ya. :)

    Been wondering when you were going to start a blog -- always see your comments over on LB's site. Welcome!

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