Monday, January 31, 2011

I need a Hobby

I imagine that most people consider exercise a hobby.  Whether we gravitate towards group exercise classes or solo runs most of us do not get paid to do these things.  We lead an active lifestyle but we also have careers to tend to. Many of us also have spouses or significant others and children that demand our attention.  Perhaps that is why exercise, for us, is a  necessity.  We need to exercise in order to keep our sanity.

But beyond all the miles logged  how do you like to spend your free time?    What hobbies do you have?  Are you a weekend artist or musician?  Do you have a green thumb which nurtures a fabulous vegetable garden?  Do you read?  Knit?  Sew?  Build things?  Fix leaky faucets?  (I have a leaky faucet.)

I unexpectedly went from a full time job to a different part time job a few months ago so I have found I have more free time.  Unfortunately, I have found that I am wasting this precious free time.  Most days I sleep in more than I ever have before (by sleeping in I mean 9am).  I still exercise 5 days a week, but I need to supplement this hobby with something else.  I also read a lot, but I like to save that for right before bed otherwise I feel I am wasting daylight.   I like to bake, and I make a mean cheesecake, but since it is only my husband and myself, baking needs to be kept at a minimum otherwise shopping for larger size clothing will become a new hobby.

Being that my part time hours tend to start when most of you are finishing your work day, I find I am pretty much waiting all day to go to work and I hate that.  Help me lead a more productive life!  :o)


  1. Could i trade you for some free time????

    Enjoy it while you have it! =D I think I'd be sprucing up my yard with more free time- or making crafty things for friends.

  2. I scrapbook. Races being my favorite subject... or they were until Baby Girl came into my life. But I haven't done anything since she's been born. And that's okay.

  3. Now that the kids are gone - we spend time with Jack our dog. I'm a total baseball geek and spend way too much time messing around with that stuff. I mean, I'm a grown man for crying out loud!

  4. PS, thanks for all your nice comments - they really mean a lot!

  5. Yeah, I'd like in on some of that free time.

    4:45 wake up w/Mrs LB
    5:30-6:30 write
    6:30-7:45 get girls ready, take to school
    7:45-11 run/work/errands/shopping/etc
    11:10 get Kennedy from school... forget about doing anything else afterward...

  6. I like to pretend I have a green thumb - my dad is a farmer. Unfortunatly, in Phoenix it is hard to have a green anything!!

    Can blogging be my hobby?