Monday, April 18, 2011


It is April 18, 2011 and I woke up to this

So tired of this snow and cold.  Last Sunday it was 85 degrees here.  Big fat sigh.............  I think I need to move to a warmer climate.

I am totally cyber stalking some fellow bloggers running the Boston Marathon today.  Way to go guys!  You freaking amaze me beyond belief.  I am so excited for all those who worked so hard to get there.

Ran a solo 9 mile long run on Saturday.  I wasn't feeling good enough in the morning to run with the group plus it was raining.   I decided I was going to run Sunday instead.  As I woke up again after falling asleep I saw the sun was out and I was feeling better.  I decided to just get out there and get it done (I hate the thought of a long run looming over my head all weekend plus I knew it was going to be COLD and WINDY Sunday).  It was a terrible run.  It rained again and it was one of those where you feel like you are running in place.  But I got it done and that is what counts.  Average pace was 10:05.

I had another session of ART done on Wednesday.  This time he targeted my left hamstring, inner thigh and glute.  OUCH.  I still am bruised.  :o)

I did some exercises today with a trainer at the gym specifically geared towards my weak left side.  I think if I keep strengthening that side it WILL get better. 

What I found in our backyard yesterday....

That is the end of a shepard's hook that sticks into the ground.  See it is bent?  We had a suet feeder hanging from it and some hungry creature must have climbed up on the hook and came tumbling down as it bent.  My husband thinks it was probably a raccoon.  I think it was a bear.  It sounds more exciting that way.

One last thing to husband made me a homemade chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream frosting yesterday.  It is so unbelievable yummy.  Probably not the best training fuel but it tastes good!  Gotta be careful of those treats though....that's how I gained 10 pounds during marathon training.  Just because you run doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want.  At least for me.

Have a good day.


  1. I unfortunately have the "I run, therefore I eat" mindset. I'm trying to get away from it. Funny thing, I haven't been running in a week and I'm not that hungry these days. Strange.

    I woke up to mist and light (very light) rain. I'm sorry you had that. In Riverside, it was 93 degrees on Saturday. Move down here and we can run the DVL Marathon together next year :D

  2. got more snow than we did up here...we just got a dusting.

  3. Ok thats not cool, isnt it spring!!! My HM was in Toledo, in the 30's and super windy, I was cold for 4 miles till my body warmed up and then after I finished, I was freezing again. I really hope we dont jump spring and go straight to summer

  4. Snow snow and more snow. Someone needs to wake spring up and tell winter to leave! I've had enough running in the snow for this year.

    You're right. We can't outrun our calorie intake. I struggle with that as well. It's a good reminder to be vigilant about what I'm taking in.

  5. OK, that snow is just NOT OK!! Especially after 85 degrees. It's cold in KC again too, but no snow - thank goodness. Every training cycle I've ever had I always gain weight because I'm starving and think I can eat anything. No good :)